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The Salmon Oil Company is the first station in rural Idaho to add an E85 fuel pump. E85 is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Only “flex fuel” vehicles can use E85. Owners of “flex fuel” vehicles can choose either gasoline or E85. Check inside your fuel cap or your owner’s manual to see if the vehicle you are driving is a flex fuel vehicle.

The E85 pump was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Salmon businessman, Calvin Leman. E85 is also available to the public in Boise, Nampa, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Lewiston. The city of Salmon is the only small town in Idaho where E85 is available (Salmon Oil Company, 500 Challis Avenue). Calvin utilizes the FFI Platinum series 4 E85 upgrade system in his Toyota. ...more info


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Idaho Green Expo Boise Centre on the Grove May 14th - 15th 2011
The Idaho Green Expo is a two day event showcasing environmentally friendly products and services with Idaho businesses and organizations sharing information concerning green living lifestyles.

In addition to the exhibitors there are seminars and workshops promoting the importance of maintaining the environment as well as enhancing the quality of life in Idaho. Other attractionsIdaho Green Expo 2011 at this two day celebration will consist of live music, featured speakers, family and children activities including healthy foods and art exhibits. Make plans to attend this event and celebrate as green businesses and thousands of community residents gather together to welcome the emergence of a new green economy leading to living a healthier life in Idaho.

Fuel Flex International's CEO, Alex Conger a member of the TVCC, was involved with Saturdays event managing the Booth and answering questions about Bio fuels, such as E85, Bio Diesel and CNG.

The event was attended by thousands people and as FFI has made a commitment to educate the the general public about the use of E85, this function was well received by all the visitors.

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Department of Environmental Quality’s Green Vendor Fair will be held this Thursday, April 28th, from 10AM to 12PM.

The event will be held at DEQ offices, 1410 N. Hilton, off of Orchard and right near the connector.

Join FFI CEO Alex Conger representing the Treasure valley Clean Air Coalition, today and talk about the endless possibilities of renewable energy for vehicles.





Fuel Flex International's CEO Alex Conger Joins Beth Bair of the Treasurevalley Clean Air Coalition to celebrates Earth Day 2011.

Manning the Treasurevalley Clean Cities booth at the College of Idaho's Earth day celebration in the Quad. Come and join Alex and Gary for all the great festivities. The quad is located off of Fillmore St. the college's address is 2112 Cleveland Blvd.

Earth Day, celebrated in April is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It is held annually during both spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year.




Fuel Flex International's CEO Alex Conger announces a worldwide partnership with E-Fuel Corporation of California, the maker of Microfueler.
FFI will supply all Microfueler dealers with the state of the art, FFI Platinum Series 4 ethanol upgrade system in the USA and abroad.      more information here


Alex Conger CEO of Fuel Flex International on the road again to Pocatello

 Idaho promoting the use of Ethanol fuel. For several years FFI has been lobbying many fuel dealers to add E85 to their available fuel supply. It is now a possibility that this will happen this summer.

We were invited to show the Supercharged, 550HP flag ship Hummer H2, Saturday with the Penske #77 race car, as we run nothing but Mobile One synthetic oils.



May 8th and 25th, 2010: Alex Conger CEO of Fuel Flex International helped man the booth atthe Green Expo at the grove in Boise, Idaho.

Jobs are a huge issue right now throughout our country, and of course, here in Idaho as well. There has been much talk about a new green economy, and sure enough it is slowly becoming a reality. FFI and many other companies believe that green jobs will become much more plentiful in the coming years and Growing Green Jobs is an area of the Idaho Green Expo where you can learn more about this new development.

What are green jobs? How can you prepare yourself for a career in this new green economy?

Call us today at FFI and we can help you with decisions on many aspects  on these topics, plus exhibitors detailing the various sectors that these types of jobs will occur in, and how you can prepare yourself to take advantage of these coming opportunities.


2010 Major News Announcement

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Ethanol conversion kit debuts

  • Updated: 24/03/2009 at 12:00 AM

Advanced Auto Parts and Service Co, an affiliate of the car importer Yontrakit Group, expects its launch of US-made ethanol conversion kits to increase Thailand's ethanol consumption.

The company is launching ethanol conversion kits imported from the US under the brand of Fuel Flex International and priced from 7,000 to 28,000 baht.

The conversion kits allows petrol-fuelled vehicles to switch to E10, E20 and E85 blends of gasohol, made with petrol and ethanol.

March 24th 2010: FFI CEO and founder, Alex Conger  his wife Michelle arrived in Thailand to attend the formal kickoff and do formal technical training of the FFI line of products that will now be available from the Yontrakit Group. suppliers of Audi, Kia and VW, as well as advanced auto parts of Thailand.

....more information here

2010 News and Media Day at the Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok with FFI, Yontrakit Group and the 10 leading automotive  news papers and magazines in Thailand.



2010 FFI Training Day at Yontrakit Group HQ


2010 FFI Training Day
Student Installation



200,000 KM FFI/E85 Test and Diagnostics Findings

Prognosis: after nearly 137,000 miles of test on a group of 10 vehicles on normal day to day driving with E85, ranging from Honda, Toyota. VW. Audi.  GM and others, no deterioration of any fueling or emissions infrastructure on test vehicles from Petrogreen and FFI Thailand.


2010 FFI Thailand Dealer Tour and Training


Archived international news here


February 24th and 25th, 2009: Alex Conger CEO of Fuel Flex International will once again join E-Fuel Corporation of California, the maker of Microfueler, for two days of training and collaboration on the Microfueler at their headquarters for all new dealers.

The second day will be a tech day at their manufacturing facility, with FFI installing a new Platinum series III system on one of the new dealers vehicles.


January 29th and 30th, 2009: Alex Conger CEO of Fuel Flex International Joined the Southwest Crawlfest in St. George Utah for a 2 day off road extravaganza. As usual FFI was giving discussion about the performance gains of different levels of Ethanol fuel as a clean alternative and as a performance partner. 

FFI Was a proud sponsor of the Southwest Crawlfest is a two day full size 4x4 gathering, trail ride and clean-up event. Explore the Utah red rock back country on nine different trails that cover all ability and difficulty ratings. Graded gravel sight seeing roads to boulder filled nearly impassable trails Southwest Crawlfest has it all. All members of organizing club Rockaholics Anonymous.

Southwest Crawl Fest in its third year continues to promote land use issues and organizations. Proceeds from the $15,000 off road product raffle go to support land use organizations including: Blue Ribbon Coalition, Canaan Mountain Legal Defense Fund, RR4W Mud Fund, Tread Lightly, United Four Wheel Drive Association, Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association and Utah Shared Access Alliance.


December 15, 2009: CFO and Chief Science officer of Fuel Flex International presents the manager, Mat Gaftunik of the UTI Technical Institute in Sacramento, California one of the new FFI Platinum Series III E85 upgrade systems that will be used in the renewable energy automotive classes for 2010. 

The Toyota at the right will be fitted and tested with the latest offering from FFI.

December 18, 2009:

Court gives green light to Pacific Ethanol in Idaho
East Oregonian
BURLEY, Idaho - A Delaware bankruptcy court has given Pacific Ethanol the green light to reopen its Burley, Idaho  ethanol plant. Paul Koehler, Pacific Ethanol Inc.




Conversion made simple: E85 kit installer Fuel Flex sees demand rise again
Fuel Flex International designs and sells systems that enable vehicles to burn standard gasoline or a blend of up to 85 percent ethanol (E85) – a great business last year, when gas cost $4 a gallon. International sales have kept them alive for the last 8 months and now a raise in fuel prices and a new emphasis on the performance side of ethanol has made business come back to a new level.

 Fuel Flex International's CEO Alex Conger thanks all those that stopped and met with us about the latest advances from FFI Technologies.

New Innovations and new Products.

See the Revolutionary Microfueler from   The E- Fuel Corporation. See the  500 HP Ethanol powered Chevy Silverado from Snake River Truck and FFI.

Meet the whole FFI Team.

Check out E98 Racing and Connectors Fast.

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